Computer-literate DOGS that can program…

Friend Hello!
Me Hey there! Long time no see.
Friend Yeah man, I been very busy. You know Work and all.
Me But everybody works, why is it different?
Friend Man, we have less resources in our team and projects are dumped on us one after another. The system is broken.
Me So you work till late?
Friend At times When something is expected of you, it is expected! No matter how unrealistic expectations might be. And you know what’s funny?
Me What?
Friend They never ask us to stay back ever but it’s implied.
Me Heh. Why you stay?
Friend They are looking for new resources to be hired in the team but with no luck. Good technical people are extinct.
Me And that would effect you how?
Friend Because till the new people are hired, I am supposed to be responsible for the entire department that requires 15 people but has only got 2.
Me That’s lame and that’s not fair. Besides your company not finding or hiring additional resources is not your problem.
Me Again. Why are you up for facing the consequences, it’s NOT YOUR PROBLEM?
Friend Well dude! In Pakistan who cares about whose problem it is, anyway!?
Me You seem pissed, so?
Friend Err.. and..I got promoted. I am a team lead now!
Me Team of two!? You’re a team lead COMPRISING of two people including you! That’s bull crap!
Friend Yeah. That’s absurd. I know! That’s one of their tricks. Promote you to "Team Lead" and give you 10x more load. It’s a way to say "You’re Doomed".
Me Yeah but still. People should treat people like HUMAN BEINGS and not machines.
Friend Yeah. And you know, they dont even give us off on public holidays. I am so fed up man!
Me Grrrr…
Friend They think they are doing the best. The stupid staff never says anything to the boss but well everybody is kinda pissed ofcourse! Holidays are supposed to be HOLIDAYS!! We as employees dont give a damn to whether the business is effected or not. If we had share in it, we might have.
Me True. Loyalty is something which is now a relic artifact. It makes sense. Besides I believe people who are loyal to the companies in this high paced world are simply "STUPID".
Friend Yeh. I will be quitting very soon too.
Me Yeah. That’s how they lose good people and whine about why there is a BIG turn-around rate. They keep on bitching about why the industry doesn’t produce good people.
Friend Good people will never make their peace with this inhumane ‘work attitude’ ofcourse. They have better things at hand.
Me Yep. These companies whine about the problem that they have created themselves. If they really ‘considered’ employees, they wouldnt be switching that often.
Friend You’re right!!
Me I think they dont need ‘people’ afterall; computer-literate highly-skilled dogs that can program is what they actually seek.
Friend Dogs, eh! I will quit soon. As for them, "Happy dog-hunting"!
Me Heh!!
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    5 Responses to Computer-literate DOGS that can program…

    1. aMmAr says:

      u knw I can relate to ur friend 😛

      Is everyone out there hate their work n the attitude of their bosses n management?

    2. Asim says:

      Hahaha. Yeah. I know you can relate ::P

    3. Om Perkash says:

      @ Asim:

      Seems like this is the issue with every employee in Pakistan :). Same issue for faced by me but for 10 days only, then I got the backup… Thank God, I am in a good company 🙂

    4. asim says:

      Lol. Yeah I guess this is the case everywhere (or atleast most of the places). Well. That’s that, what can one do.

      Thanks for the comment Om.

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