It’s about time to build a new one…

I have been thinking about redoing my website for a few years now. The last time I touched anything on the website was probably back in 2006, and that too might have been a new banner upload or something trivial like that. Now, this sounds completely acceptable if one is as lazy a person as myself.

The reason for my procrastination, quite frankly, is that it’s freaking boring — who spends hours sitting in a quiet corner coding their website (even worse, a personal website!)? Why wouldn’t you watch a good movie instead? (No offense). Anyhow, I analyzed the problem (like a software engineer should) during my long commutes and came up with a few reasons for my slugishness:

  • Resistance to start: As I already have my website up and running (that you all really like), it’s very easy for me to slack off and revisit it later (later as in never)
  • Patience: Typically, I would expect to build a website offline and launch it once I am happy. Which means endless tweaking and bug-fixing before its finally shipped and as someone wise once said:

    The tendency to abandon an ongoing project increases exponentially by the amount of time already spent on it. (–Asim)

    And if you think that’s the worst part, you’re wrong. Because when you delay your launch, you also delay the dam-busting flood of compliments that you are entitled to receive for the awsome job you’ve been doing. It keeps your morale high and your imagination exalted.

  • Apparent lack of progress:Related to the point above, when you’re waiting for the entire site to finish before launch, firstly you are following a heavy-weight process as you’re waiting for everything to be perfect. And, secondly, it makes it appear as if there’s no progress. As a result, you end up nagging yourself continously:

    “Oh come on, I have to finish my website and launch it.”

    This is not fun.

So without further ado and with the spirit of making things a bit more radical, geekier and a little bit funner – I am going set some ground rules and try to tackle some of the boring bits:

  • Start now: I am offloading my current website to get the ball rolling rather than playing safe (develop offline and then upload). I guess that’s what they refer to as “getting out of your comfort zone.” And that’s why you’re reading this page instead of the actual website.
  • Publish anything and everything: If I make a change, or rather let me put this way, if I vest any amount of effort in my website, I will publish it — no matter whichever state the website will be in (broken or otherwise). This means every change (big or small) will go live. This way I can take the entire process lightly, pat my back for the (false sense of) progress, work whenever I can, share with you guys whatever the hell I did and then bugger off for a few weeks without any pressure.Besides, it will be cool to see snapshots of progress in sort of like a timeline manner.
  • Think out loud: Says it all. I will share whatever I did/am doing, some technical bits and pieces, where I am headed, share sayings from the same wise man that I quoted above and so on. This will encourage feedback from you fellows (ref: dam-busting flood of compliments). Perhaps you can provide some input along the way as I shape things up, that is, if you do continue on reading.
  • What’s in it for you? Nothing, really, but with everything being published everytime you can be here for some light entertainment when I bungle things up here and there.My main aim is to write about things that I have been thinking about over the last couple of years but never got around to actually doing it. The theme is mainly related to technical topics. So I think this will be a good start to share along the progress as we go ahead building up my new online presence. I must also warn you that there may be impulsive decisions that will side-track to less relevant things – e.g. I might get sucked into doing shinier stuff like mucking about with DNS, exploring new flashy Javascripty plugins, or perhaps get our hands dirty with an Android or a Symbian app even.

So, first step is What do I want in my new website. Will post soon.


p.s. till I move away from simple static HTML you can grab me on twitter @asimimtiaz.

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