Introducing InDash: SMS Dashboard & auto-responder for Nexmo

A couple of weeks ago I built an app for a contest using Nexmo’s SMS Gateway API and Cloudmine’s infrastructure-as-a-service platform. The app allows you to easily setup a keyword-based SMS auto-responder within a couple of seconds! Imagine building your own “Orange … Continue reading

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Monitoring your applications using Monit

Lately, I have been adding support for Java applications in (a deployment engine I coded a few years ago). I have a cron script that deploys new changes automatically. While working on it I realized that deploying stand-alone java … Continue reading


Masked Growth in the Living Room (animation)

Another animation exercise using a single still image of our living room back home (PK):

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Building up my new PC

Over the past couple of months, many of you might have become tired of listening to my non-stop jibber-jabber about various computer components, RMA process and bargain deals. Well, the good news is that it is all coming to a halt … Continue reading


TeaBreak’s Promo Video

I am sharing another attempt at FX and animation, this time for I composed the music first and modeled the animation on it. Here’s the outcome:

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Wishing you all a Blissful Eid

I am learning animation these days so thought to create a very basic one and wish you all a very Happy Eid. If you like it, please do share! Enjoy and Eid Mubarak!

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