Connect2PK – Internet Phone Calls revolutionized…

The rise of revolutionary new PC telephony concepts has given birth to a Pakistani venture,!The vision is to provide free international telephone service initiallyand then to expand, making Pakistan and its people proud!

Connect2pk.comlets you call absolutely anywhere in the world for free. You have toregister on the website and map a number to your account to enable itto dial for free! The receiver (on a PC) also needs to be a registeredmember of and he can receive any calls using a PC basedphone software at the convenience of only a few clicks!

Longdistance calls, which have traditionally been extremely taxing on one’sfinancial resources are no longer a worry. saves youthousands of Ruppees!

Just log on to and register yourself as a member. Extensive FAQ’s and guidelines will help your way to setup your account!

Check it out….

This article has been published on EM’s request and has been extracted from his blog.


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    4 Responses to Connect2PK – Internet Phone Calls revolutionized…

    1. Omair says:

      what doesit do?i dont get it.

    2. omer farooq says:

      sallam alikum dear sir how are you i have some problem login
      in connect2pk pls give solloution asap thanks
      best regards
      omer farooq
      saudi arabia

    3. Brencis says:

      I see first time your site guys. I like you.
      I am from Luxembourg and also am speaking English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "More only this month, discounts up to."

      Thanks for the help :-D, Brencis.

    4. Default Receive Unlimited Calls From Pakistan in $5/month
      Dear Friends,
      We have introduce Incoming and outgoing service with name I would like to introduce some features here:

      1- User can register online and add credit to your accounts using following methods:

      1- Using Paypal
      2- Paying in Bank Account in Pakistan
      3- Via Western Union

      For detail register at and visit this link after login.

      2- User can purchase numbers live from websites and use it with Eyebeam or Xlite,PAP2 or Nokia Mobiles or Frings supported Mobile. No Physical verification and other formalities required.

      3- 24 hours trial period on all purchase numbers. If you are not satisfied for any reason you may delete the number within 24 hours for full refund.

      5- We are offering DID numbers for UK,USA and Canada..

      6- You can also divert all calls coming to your DID number to any GTalk(Google Talk) address and

      receive all calls on Gtalk for FREE.

      7- You can also divert all calls coming to your DID number to any Landline or Mobile number to the following destination listed at this URL with rates:

      For any more detail contact us

      Hope you enjoy our service and give your feedback to improve it.

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