Launching of the TeaBreak 2.0!!

19th June 2008.
Shahzad calls me up and says “Dude, Tea Break is ready!”. If I wouldn’t have recalled the context (yes! I happen to be in this bad habit) I would have been like “Huh!! Dude? What the … ?”

With the amazing and overwhelming response that we have received on TEABREAK.PK, the need to constantly monitor the website has increased. I should term it as one of my “Net Chores”. With the amount of traffic (which is continously increasing) I have to keep a check and see if things are going stable. Why? Well I will explain that in another bulky, boring post.

Anyhow, coming back to the topic we launched the new version of TEABREAK which was anxiously anticipated not only by our great audience but also by the team (i.e. us) as well.

There are four (4) people (including myself) behind TEABREAK. We all have work and have so many other stuff that TEABREAK often gets the lowest of our priorities. With all the job, work, house chores and so many things that one has to do on a daily basis; it’s really really hard to manage time and dedicate some of it to a project which is now blooming into ‘something’. This release was expected in May but we lagged! We would like to take this opportunity here and thank:

  • Electricity problem and load-shedding.
    Without them, we wouldn’t have really been “pumped up”. We might have been on time and would have missed all the fun of being late.
  • Other projects taking up our time,
  • Tummy issues,
  • Headache,
  • Nausea,
  • Fever,
  • Hard disk failure,
  • PTCL Teleph-Off-Line (Yup, you’re clever! it’s antonym of Teleph-On-Line),
  • PC crash,
  • Server overloading,
  • Server migration,
  • PKNIC outage,
  • Internet issues,
  • Cleaning Day (Yeah, I had to take a day and clean my closet, bah!!!),
  • Extreme Summer heat in Karachi,
  • Global warming, and
  • UEFA 2008

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. We wouldn’t really have had a hard time if it wasn’t for you guys!!

Anyhow, at last we launched the new version of TEABREAK.PK and we have introduced a host of new features and columns in the new version.

Major Face uplift and design overhaul
We completely revamped the TeaBreak design and have taken care of issues like “Too Many Advertisements”, “Ugly colors”, etc. We are hoping you guys will love the new look!!

New Columns added!
We have added 3 new columns that we will be hand-picking and updating frequently. Featured Post, Featured Blog and Featured Blogger.

Hot Posts
Here we present you a list of most viewed articles on the TeaBreak network.

We have introduced categories in this release, it uses TeaBreak’s auto-categorization engine. This feature is experimental.

Blogs In Pictures
We are presenting you a brand new concept and feature in the new TeaBreak website. We pick images at random and relate them to posts on our network. This feature is also experimental.


We are using a custom design and theme thanks to Zair and Shahzad. These guys really worked day in and day out to make it happen. Ammar was also there and planned the new website and new columns. I had to call him in the last minute to work over the Categories section as well. 



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    4 Responses to Launching of the TeaBreak 2.0!!

    1. SAWJ says:

      Teabreak’s made my life a lot easier man.

      Tell me, do you know the time in which there’s the largest amount of visitors? I’ll time my blog posts accordingly! 😛

    2. Asim says:

      Hi SAWJ.

      Thanks for the encouraging words 🙂 I would love to know more how TeaBreak is helping you? Is it serving the basic purpose of increasing your readership and visits to your blog?

      Eh, well unfortunately there is no fixed time you can be sure to post. That is there intentionally. No matter when you make a post on your blog, our syndication engine runs at random intervals and syndicates new feeds in the network. It then publishes them on a random basis. 🙂 Sorry, bro.

      As for the visitors, apart from the typical late night Pakistan time, TeaBreak struggles with a consistent visitor base. Watch out for my upcoming post here giving hints on the type of visits and traffic @ TeaBreak.

      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

    3. Rakesh says:

      Yo Sim!

      The version 2.0 looks OK. You’ve obviously worked hard on the aesthetics and graphics but I find it a little cluttered on the right, but that’s just me.

      Also, how do you guys ‘measure’ the link-click-count from your main-page? Like do you have any built-in mechanism currently which tells that these areas of main-page were clicked this many time and others that many time?

    4. Asim says:

      Hi Rakesh, Thanks for the comments.

      Well we had WassUp a wordpress plugin to measure statistics. We have recently removed it as it was consuming lot of CPU resources (# DB accesses per hit).

      Now we use AWSTATS/WUSAGE in conjunction with Google Analytics. Google Analytics has a tool that creates an overlay on your site / webpage and shows link-click stats.

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