LINK dot NET (dot PK ..!!)

LINK dot NET has recently launched its operations in Pakistan. Link dot net (dot pk) is an Orascom Telecom company, the company behind Mobilink GSM. From the looks of it, it seems like they are providing DSL and Dial Up services at the moment.  The packages they are offering do seem competitive and I wouldn’t be surprized if they will soon be launching WiMAX setup as well. They do have the LDI operator license.

I was trying to take a look at what they offer and unknowingly punched in the URL The website opened up and I was trying to figure where it has any context for “PAKISTAN”. The actual URL is, but if you visit both the website you will be taken by the 100% resemblance of the site. is the parent company that provides the Internet services in Egypt, UAE ..err…basically Middle East.

Never mind. Coming back to the package plans. I spotted a plan that got my attention. They are offering a DSL package 512 kbps connectivity with no volume limit for just Rs. 2000 per month. This seems to be a very good package. However, I do not have telephone connection (PTCL line) at home so I can not try and give a feedback on the service.

I am looking forward to see if they launch any WiMAX packages, to make a break-through in the highly competitive broadband market in Pakistan.

Anybody trying LINK dot NET out here, please feel free to comment and tell us about your experience. We would love to know!!

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    77 Responses to LINK dot NET (dot PK ..!!)

    1. javaid says:

      Hi Faisal,

      LinkdotNET is good in services lso in karachi,although i have used i think for 3 months and get quality spped.

    2. Khurram says:

      In my opinion their service is actually good. If phone wire conditions are good in your area you get consistent service, I get speeds up to 56KB/S on 512kbps connection. However if you are connected to their router using usb port you sometimes need to restart the router after 5 to 6 hours, but network port is kinna stable.

      latest rates are as follows.
      512Kbps: 1200
      1Mbps: 2000
      2Mbps: 4000

      They don’t have any download limit on any package but don’t know about the upload limit, either they have or not.

    3. Ubaid Hashmi says:

      I Like this service very much becouse they dont lat if you want to open

    4. Babar says:

      LDN gives me full 512kbps speed but it only lasts for maximum 2 hours or even just 1 minute sometimes, then they automatically drop my IP and freeze my connection (due to their clever choice of PPPoE + dynamic IP and login/pass crap). My telephone line is excellent and I moved to LDN only to find that its comprehensively shit.

      All the people praising LDN — you probably do not keep your net connection up for more than the duration of your pornographics sessions or your silly 1 hour a night chattings on mirc, etc. Try to run it for more than an hour (download something big over night — you paid for it!) and you\’ll see that its shit and it\’ll take a week to complete because it disconnects and freezes so often. Its extremely pathetic. Beware.

      I think I\’ll try PTCL next.

    5. Wimax says:

      Oh NO,it’s really a sad the way if PTCL do the same then what will u do? i dont think so that LDN is giving you such kind of complaint and Horible too for me because i left PTCL because of same Problem and start using LDN Services.

      So Good Luck friend….

    6. Hammad says:

      DSL Users,
      If you are having any service issues please feel free to call me anytime. My cell number is 0302-8493920

      Manager Customer Service
      Link Dot Net – Lahore

    7. friend says:

      lahore friends tell me about static ip of linkdotnet if any one know about it or had a experience of it

      well i also use link dot net and ptcl on commercial places i have 3 connections of ptcl and its working good
      or i can say its better then link dot net
      but linkdotnet is such a money waste service
      please if any one know about static ip
      tell me at this
      thank you
      28 march 2009

    8. Dark says:

      Friend i have also PTCL and LINKdotNET Connections too, but i will defenately say that LDN is giving me good services and a now a day’s both ISp’s doubled thier Speeds with same rates.. it’s good.

      i feel normally problem with PTCL specially in peak hrs and disconnection problem too.

    9. farhan muzammil says:

      hi friends i live in uk and i want to install dsl for my family back home in pk. can any boad gve me sugestion which one is gud in NWFP mardan linkdot net or ptcl. i heard linkdot is using ptcl for its lines?

    10. Ahmed Chaudhry says:

      Dear Friends

      any one knows about the forum where we can get help for jobs and space for internship in ISPS working in lahore…..if nothing then please creat a blogs and invites the emplyees of these ISPS and help for jobless……..Thx

    11. Rashid says:

      Search firm for intern ship in Finance department

    12. Hi Friend i also want to comment on link dot net and ptcl toooo

      Ptcl if you have no relative in ptcl then you can’t take their connection
      but ptcl dsl is better than all dsl services in pakistan

      link dot net
      link dot net service is normal
      an incident with me and link dot net is that i hav deposit money in link dot net franchise and now 1 month later i’m comminting here
      if a company can’t install connection in 1 month so is it any company
      link dot net is not responsible company don’t waste your money in link dot net
      all this company is charging money not giving any service.

      my number is 0334-5363069

      Must ask me before taking link dot net

      then i will tell you details about this company

      i want to abuse them but i’m not.



      Farooq khan

    13. simran says:

      well i thin k those losers who r talking bad about link dot net must chck their phone lines first. If ur phone line is not working properly then no one can do anything. Link dot net is providing the most satisfactory and reliable service i m using it 4 almost 6monts and its working so f9

    14. Mir sufyan javed says:


    15. shabeeh says:

      sub ko salam mera namm shabeeh hay may aap ki service say bohat narazz hoon q k aap ki dsl ki service bohat khraab hay internet li LED billing kari rahti hay kabhi steel nahee hoti may aap ki service ko end karnay wala hoon

    16. when i sign up a new connection from link dot net they have to tell me that they r giving me 1mbps speed but right now i have only 512kbp speed so please tell me what i do regarding about my this problem. if u have some solution so i shall be very thank ful to you. thanhs
      best regards
      Asim Ijaz Ahmad
      contact no: +92-314-493-3331

    17. main bhawalpur ke aik dehat mian rehta hoon whan per kui dsl naheen chalta main linkdot net sey corporate conection laina chahta hoon pleas contect me my mobile 03458680460

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