LINK dot NET (dot PK ..!!)

LINK dot NET has recently launched its operations in Pakistan. Link dot net (dot pk) is an Orascom Telecom company, the company behind Mobilink GSM. From the looks of it, it seems like they are providing DSL and Dial Up services at the moment.  The packages they are offering do seem competitive and I wouldn’t be surprized if they will soon be launching WiMAX setup as well. They do have the LDI operator license.

I was trying to take a look at what they offer and unknowingly punched in the URL The website opened up and I was trying to figure where it has any context for “PAKISTAN”. The actual URL is, but if you visit both the website you will be taken by the 100% resemblance of the site. is the parent company that provides the Internet services in Egypt, UAE ..err…basically Middle East.

Never mind. Coming back to the package plans. I spotted a plan that got my attention. They are offering a DSL package 512 kbps connectivity with no volume limit for just Rs. 2000 per month. This seems to be a very good package. However, I do not have telephone connection (PTCL line) at home so I can not try and give a feedback on the service.

I am looking forward to see if they launch any WiMAX packages, to make a break-through in the highly competitive broadband market in Pakistan.

Anybody trying LINK dot NET out here, please feel free to comment and tell us about your experience. We would love to know!!

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    77 Responses to LINK dot NET (dot PK ..!!)

    1. Hmm…. I think linkdotnet server isn’t very secure but they r routing good bandwidth, and I think this is enough for a literate user……why u guyz so worried about that…….

    2. Castro says:

      I would like to get the email adress of "syed aamir raza". If you have it please send it to me.
      I guess he need some print machines, at least this name is at the link bellow

    3. poonjabarkat says:

      I am very satisfied with the service it is much cheaper and faster than PTCL.I am using the scratch card and if want to know how can i find my balance position on my computer.Thanks Barkatpoonja

    4. Super Men says:

      Hi poonjabarkat,
      Which ISP ur using kindly mentioned name as i am getting u mean LDN/WOL Dialup.

    5. Khurram says:

      I have applied for the 512kbps Pakage and its been 12 days, we didnt recieve any router which they told that u we will deliver after 3 or 4 days.
      Still we are asking and they are telling us to wait for a week when ever we ask them for the router they say wait for a week saying that riouters are out of stock. I am tired of asking them.
      I will ask them again and with out the shadow of dought they will again say wait for a week.
      Boht barray B@n C#..d hain

    6. Zeeshan says:

      I,m from link dot net customer service center.
      If you dont like LDN then dont use it apply for some other service provider.
      I AM WITH YOU.

    7. Super Men says:

      Hi Zeeshan,

      i think u r not from LDN Customer services, u r from any other ISP thats why you offering user to shift on other ISP.

      i think it’s Not fair because i am using LDN and never face any problem even my friends insttalation’s done in a week so how can be possible that any one is waitng from 20 days and so.

    8. bashirulamin says:

      my name is bashirulamin from Mardan
      our dsl service is extrem bad service
      link dot net is just collecting money with shit service
      i just only say why they come to market as they can not full fill the service

    9. Hassan Amin says:

      Link DSL Home User From Mardan NWFP
      in Mardan DSL Speed is Suck .. DSL Speed is 5kbps .. Mean Dialup Speed..
      he gets money on time but Speed suck..

    10. Hi hassan says:

      i am living in Islamabad and also my firnd is using LDN and we are happy with the services.
      please tell us your isues and company u r using.So we are able to help you

    11. Muzammil says:

      mujhe ldn 512/KB ko use karte hoye 1 week hoa hai or mera connection 3 days mein on hogaya after payment.
      lekin in ki service bhut kam hai mere pass 25/kb max arhi hai.
      customer service phone kiya to wo kehtein hain k ptcl ki line mein problem hai.
      mein world call ki service k bare mein jana chahta hoon agar world call ka koi user hai tu bataye k un ki service kesi hai.

    12. aadil says:

      hi muzammil,

      what problem u r facing i am also using 512k and it works very fine for me. LDN is rockkkkkkkkk

    13. Dj-Sami says:

      Yaar ACha Lagta Sun K Ap Log Link Dot NEt K User Ho.Link Dot NEt K NEt Me Ap Ki Ip Address Ek Static Hota Hai.Yaar Ek Shaks Hai Jo Mujhe Aur Mri Wife Ko Bhut Tang Karta Hai.Hum Net Pe ho To IRC use Kare Email Use Kare Woh Tang KArta Hai.Galti Humari Ti Hum Ne Ussay Acha Insaan Samjh K Dost Bna Liya.Ab Mre Pass Us Ki Ip Hai Kese Trace Karu Ussay? Help

    14. Dj-Sami says:

      Yaar ACha Lagta Sun K Ap Log Link Dot NEt K User Ho.Link Dot
      NEt K NEt Me Ap Ki Ip Address Ek Static Hota Hai.Yaar Ek
      Shaks Hai Jo Mujhe Aur Mri Wife Ko Bhut Tang Karta Hai.Hum
      Net Pe ho To IRC use Kare Email Use Kare Woh Tang KArta
      Hai.Galti Humari Ti Hum Ne Ussay Acha Insaan Samjh K Dost
      Bna Liya.Ab Mre Pass Us Ki Ip Hai Kese Trace Karu
      Ussay? Help

    15. yasir khan says:


    16. BILAVEL says:

      yar may aap k movie surver ka wait kar rha hoon mujhay k wo kab tak on ho ga thanks

    17. Neha says:

      Hi Dear ALL,

      I have used LinkdotNet dialup service "SMS4NET" heared through mentioned link, please try and share your experiance.

    18. Waqas says:

      hey ppl

      LDN service is a big problem in itself. i am unfortunately using their 512K package and from the very day they installed my connection i am having dowload problem. my download speed never exceed 25 to 30 K and worst thing is its around 12 to 15K for last two days. i have called their help line countless time and every time they tell me there is congestion in exchange we are working on it. this what they tell me daily when i complain about slow download speed. they havnt resolved the issue in 28 days. i am seriously thinking to quit the connection and switch to some other providor.


    19. kashif says:


      i understand your problem but i am also using LDN with 512k Package from 4 months at ISD but never ever faced any problem even on saturday when every ISP is facing problem due to heavy load but my connection speed and download is okay.

    20. farooq says:

      Hi Friends,
      Be ready for the blazing News "SMS4NET for WOL Dialup Internet by LinkdotNET.
      i just heared from my friend ,he is using LDN DSL also he is enjoying SMS4NET service whenever he needs specially when you go outside of home/city.
      i just tried by simple Message/SMS to 965 from my Mobilink prepaid number and instantly i got username and Password straight a way.

    21. sadia says:

      Hi Farooq,
      Thanks to inform us this service, i am student and i have tried this from my Mobilink Prepaid number through simple SMS to 965 and
      got internet hrs.

      it’s a really appealing facility for internet specailly for students…

    22. qaiser says:

      dear friends,

      i tried SMS4NET dervice ,it’s amazing for dialup requirement because i never get such type of speed and connectivity from other dialup services of ISP’s.

      thanks to WOL/LINKdotNET

    23. Arif says:

      dear sadia,

      SMS4NET is a good effort of LDN , i normally used to of PTCL Dialup but i have tried in Rawalpindi and it’s really Good Service.

    24. shaheryar says:


      SMS4NET is working… normally this kind of services are only for advertisement but dialup speed is good specially when u in urgency and ur DSL connection not works due to …… as ISP’s are normally offering free Dialup with DSL because they know their DSL can be suckkkkkkk

    25. Taimoor Ahmad says:

      y0! I always keep the SMS4NET thing as back-up for when my Wi-Max connection is acting up and I can\’t even check my email, hahaha! These big compaies can do what they will, dial-up will always be in the hearts and minds of the common people, especially if it is as convenient as sending an SMS and getting instant hours.

    26. Helping says:

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    28. Adil Suleman says:

      Hi, LDN DSL is good but I use SMS4NET service by LDN and MOBILINK a lot…i just send an SMS to 965 and get instant login information with upto 25 internet hours at a lowest rate…it is a kool service for students and people who don’t have access to DSL or cable and it provides good connection ad speed too

    29. Javaid says:

      hay aadil,

      Thanks to u,just tried SMS4NET because of your experiance,get connected easily and really nice services.

    30. faisal zaman says:

      yaar koi bataye ga north karachi ki taraf linkdotnet ki service kaisee hai specially buffer zone mai

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