C# Windows Service for sending text messages (SMS) from a cell phone

Last year we (the TeaBreak team) thought of holding a Hi-Tea event for bloggers in Pakistan. We agreed that it would a nice idea to ask bloggers RSVP online so that we can keep things in order. The event went good but the good part was also an SMS-based RSVP system!

A couple of hours of coding and I came up with a small script that would take a person’s name, email and mobile number. The script will later send an SMS containing a unique ticket number. The ticket number served as an entry pass as we had limited seats for the event. Those who signed up for RSVP got a tid bit surprised with SMS mechanism, although I thought it to be quite primitive.

Here’s the C# Windows Service that was running on my computer back then that was sending all the SMSes to folks. The service would connect to a MySQL database on my hosted server and fetch any pending messages (SMSes) that were to be sent. I hooked up my old Samsung phone with a serial data cable to my computer.

I thought to share it here just in case if anybody is looking for enjoying some kind of SMS feature in their applications.

Click here to download the C# code

(I am only uploading the class file rather then the complete VS project – SMSController.cs – you can build it in a windows service or whatever you prefer)

Pointers on how SMS sending and receiving works:

  1. You connect a GSM modem or a mobile phone to your computer which appears as a communication port (COM1, COM2, etc.)
  2. You send extended “AT” commands to the COM port to communicate
  3. Here’s a tutorial on the “AT” commands for GSM modems/phones:

This is just a very basic class, if you need help on multimedia messages (MMS) support, or come across some issues etc. you can get in touch with me.


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    13 Responses to C# Windows Service for sending text messages (SMS) from a cell phone

    1. Rakesh says:

      Cool post Sim. Will try this one out.

    2. Asim says:

      Thanks man 🙂

    3. ijlal says:

      very nice and useful sharing. thanks alot.

    4. Asim says:

      Welcome and Thanks, Ijlal.

    5. Faheem says:

      I like ur post and it is very relevent to the problem i m having. i just need another function to recieve an sms. i ll be thankful if u coulg help me out

    6. shehar bano says:

      your post is very useful-i am developing a website which has a feature of allowing subscribers to send sms-in real world, better approach would be to purchase bulk messaging services of a telecom company or use third party web services-but because thsi is a semester project and more focussed on MY INPUT, so i am using my phone as modem and sending AT commands to it-
      the PROBLEM:
      sometimes a message might not be successfully sent due to some issue-i want to keep record of messages that were actually sent and those which were not sent (because UFone notified me)- how can i detect messages that were not really sent?

      and thanks for reading my loong rant…although i have very faint hope of receiving a reply :p

    7. Deven says:

      with all due to respect sir/mam
      i would olike to inform you above link are all
      FeedBack:-close it perticuler.Thanking You

    8. Kumar Satyendra says:

      hi sir/madam,
      this code is very useful to me, actually im very new regarding window services, actually i want a service which can send message in bulk automatically in particular condition like if intime is greater than 10 am or out time is less than 6 pm. all these stuff i did in window application and its workin fine, but for dat i have to open my application again and again and have to click send msg button.
      but i want all these thing automatically…
      so if u have any solution regarding dis problem please guide me via my mail satyam1849@gmail.com
      Thanks & regards

    9. Waqas says:

      nice post ….
      Can you send me the complete project…
      my email id is:

    10. Salman says:

      Hi Asim!
      this is very nice project can you send this complete project on my mail address

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