About Me

This is Syed Asim Imtiaz’s personal website & blog. I am a Software Engineer at Amazon.com and currently living in Edinburgh, UK.

I like to code and then bore people around me with cool things I learn along the way (they usually don’t find it that exciting though). Quite a few years ago I realized that I wasn’t boring enough people so I came up with an evil plan to start a blog where my reach can expand even further. Usually, my posts are on technical bits and pieces, experiments, scripts, algorithms, tutorials and alike that I indulge myself in during my spare time.

My interests: Machine learning, high-availability large-scale systems, distributed databases and data integration.

For a few years now I do sometimes appear on twitter (@asimimtiaz) and I also have an out-of-date LinkedIn profile.

And, I carve wood as a hobby.

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