InDash – Incoming SMS Dashboard & Auto-responder

InDash Incoming SMS Dashboard & Auto-responder for Nexmo

What is InDash?

InDash is an incoming SMS dashboard that allows you to quickly setup SMS auto-responders and forwarders for your incoming numbers.

The app was created as an entry for a contest in March 2012. It is an ajax-based static HTML script served directly from Amazon S3. Currently, it supports Nexmo’s SMS Gateway API.

The app allows you to easily setup a keyword-based SMS auto-responder within a couple of seconds. It also gives you a dashboard to quickly view your incoming messages and send replies directly with a click of a button.

There are a couple of other handy features that I included in the application. For example, you can easily forward your incoming SMS messages to an email address or divert them to multiple Callback / notification URLs. It analyses and renders a histogram of keywords, which is good for use-cases like a voting application.

It is free to use, all you need is a Nexmo account with an incoming number.

The application is available here:



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3 Responses to InDash – Incoming SMS Dashboard & Auto-responder

  1. Fibula says:


    Do you think you could ever make an ‘outdash’ to compliment Indash or better still add an ‘out’ section to Indash? For a while i’ve been looking for a simple and effective online application like Indash that can be accessed from any of my devices (Win, Android, Win Mobile)to send SMS’s to a small group (40 phones) using Nexmo. I work at a non-profit ngo in a dodgy country and need a fast way to get security alerts to our staff.

    Kind regards

    ps I tried to login with my trial Nexmo account but Indash wouldnt accept this. I’m guessing i need an incoming nexmo line before i can log in (even though i dont need one and there isn’t one available in this country)

    • Asim Imtiaz says:

      Hi — Thanks for your comment. Please try signing up with M3 instead of InDash at Hope this helps.

      • Fibula says:

        Hi, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately MeltedCube has problems and doesn’t work. I have tried to get signed up with them before.
        I again tried the link you posted but in the ‘log into Nexmo’ popup the popup is blank (both Win8 Chrome and Android. so i tried in IE11 and it said “This content cannot be displayed in a frame, To help protect the security of information you enter into this website, the publisher of this content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame. What you can try: Open this content in a new window ” haha. So i did and opened it in a new page, logged in to Nexmo, then went back to the M3 page and lo and behold it had me logged into Nexmo). Then i registered again for an account, so let’s see if it gets a reply. I remember doing it all before :)…

        On the 10/24/14 i signed up under a different username and received an email to await confirmation. This has never happened. I just tried to login to my account from back then and was given ” ACCOUNT INACTIVE: The account is currently pending activation. ” so no luck there :/

        I tried to do a password recovery on both the accounts ive tried to sign up with but both give the above message ‘pending activation’.

        Hence my question about your indash application. I thought it may be independant of everything else.


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